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~ About Me & This Blog

Writing is an act of arrogance or at least blogging is.  To blog is to assume your ideas are worthy of others’ time and consideration.  You presume to offer something new to consider or to suggest you have the ability to express ideas in a unique, interesting way.  This is why I have been reluctant to start a blog, the word itself getting stuck in my throat whenever I dare to utter it aloud to another human being.  And yet others don’t seem to share my shame. There are mommy bloggers, food bloggers, techie bloggers, etc. – all of whom believe that your time is well spent perusing their posts.  And if I flip on the television, it won’t take long to find a real housewife or an empty-headed famemongerer spewing thoughts on events undeserving of even discussing, all of which, upon further consideration, has cured me of my hesitation and humility and led me to become…..ahem….a blogger.

And while I have no delusions that my blog will be on par with Emerson’s essays or Plato’s dialogues, I do hope to offer some topics worthy of your reading and discussing with others. After all, VIVAVIAMEDIA means (more or less) living on the middle path.  And this blog will be about finding that balance between the superficial and the significant, the low brow and the high brow, the mundane and the meaningful.  I know that without the shallow, there can be no deep and so my desire is for this blog to be filled with a variety of ideas, not always on topics or issues of equal importance but continually thought-provoking and worthy of your time and consideration (I hope).